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IS Students Graduates & Athletics 2019-2020

Posted on June 15, 2020

2020 Graduates

Congratulations Independent Study Seniors, you made it! You survived your senior paper, and you are ready to go out into the world and be a light for Jesus. God bless you all!

I transferred into Independent Study with Cedar Park my sophomore year. I deal with an immunodeficiency disorder and it was hard to keep up with my health and school work, so we thought it was a good option for me. IS has been really good for me and has allowed me to be on a little more of a flexible schedule that works for me. Both Dr. McIntosh and my advisor, Mrs. Dressler, have met with me on several occasions to talk about my classes. I plan on taking a year after high school to work, and then would like to at-tend Purdue’s online program to become a Veterinary Technician. - Gaby Jiminez

I have been in IS for the past two years. I have had so much fun doing cooking class with my Mom. I had an awesome advisor, Dr. Mac, who made everything amazing. My favorite book of all time, by C.S. Lewis, was the Great Divorce, so having the opportunity to read the Screwtape Letters for my IS English classes this year was pretty great. Lewis has a beautiful view of God’s world. Screwtape Letters caused a lot of personal reflection; as if I were one of the patients Lewis was speaking about. He opened my eyes to the things that I don’t like to think about; the temptations we fall into so easily. That was terrifying, but also a really beautiful thing, in light of the promises of God's Word. My immediate plans after graduation are to work towards further advancement in my current job and eventually begin a trade apprenticeship in plumbing. I dream of starting my own business to find a way to share God's Word. My future goals involve learning how to invest wisely, building up my savings, buying my own home, and doing machine work and gunsmithing as a hobby. - Keeghan McPherson

As a student in Independent Study at CPCS for the past two years, I have had wonderful experiences. Being a homeschool student takes dedication, discipline, and independence, all lessons I have learned through working in IS. I have had the freedom and time to take things at my own pace, which has benefited me in many ways. I enjoyed having the one-on-one Skype calls with my advisor, Kate Dallas, who has been patient from the beginning and a lovely teacher. After high school I plan on taking a gap year, while working full time. In the future I plan to volunteer with Youth with A Mission in Kona, Hawaii, as some of my family members have done in the past. This summer I will be going to a retreat with my youth group one last time. While I have yet to find a career path, I will continue to trust in God's process. - Jewell Chan

I started the Independent Study Program in the ninth grade. Being in Independent Study has allowed me to pursue future goals. I have been able to enjoy having a job and earning a work-study credit. I have earned many college concurrent credits and have had the opportunity to take Occupational Education credits, which have resulted in State certification for welding, and I plan to pursue a career in fabrication. - Sawyer Richardson

I came to CPCS in 5th grade because of its Biblical curriculum and Christian worldview, where I could freely talk about Biblical concepts, pray with others and go to Chapel each week as a part of the IS Program. I began CPC team sports in 6th grade Cross Country and continued to run each Fall sea-son. Andy Gist, was more than just a coach to me; he was a friend. I received team awards over the years, but to be chosen a Cornerstone my senior year was really special. I have been in IS since 8th grade. This was a great educational choice for me; I was able to focus on my studies, take two classes on campus and participate in sports. I appreciate the terrific friends I've made. With my disabilities, the IS program has given me a flexible schedule. Mrs. Kroeker, my advisor has been awesomely nice and patient with me and really helpful. I'll miss her too. This school has made a HUGE impact on my life and has strengthened me both personally and spiritually. After high school, I hope to work part time and attend Bellevue College. I have a lot of interests, but I hope to look into animation or library science/tech. Joshua 1:9 - "Be strong and courageous, for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go" is a favorite verse. I will take God with me, wherever I go, beyond CPC. - Zach Blosser

I have been in the Cedar Park Christian Independent Study Program for three years. It has been a great experience for me! Although I am dyslexic and have always struggled in school, IS has allowed me to finally be successful in my studies. I have enjoyed working at my own pace, and having more input on the classes I take. My ad-visor, Kathryn Dallas, has been amazing to work with. I am going to miss her. My favorite memory of Independent Study is skyping with Ms. Dallas for the first time. I live in Pateros and was allowed by the WIAA to play varsity volleyball for the local area school during my four years of high school. This has been a top highlight for me. I played in state championships my freshman, junior and senior years. I also played on a club volleyball team for all four years of high school. My immediate plan after high school is to work full time and save money. I would eventually like to go back to school, and major in something that would allow me to work with, and help, children with learning disabilities like mine. I am not exactly sure what that will look like, but I have time to figure it out. - Jessica Hixon

I have attended Independent Study at Cedar Park since December, 2019. The reason I decided to transfer into IS after having spent almost nine years on campus is because I have a neurological disorder which limits my ability to work intensely for long periods of time. It increasingly became difficult do be able to navigate my way through the crowded hallways on campus each day. My plan for what I will do after high school is to take a gap year and truly think about what I want to do in the future. I would also like to give myself a bit more of a break, after having spent twelve years in school. Right now, I am considering Biola University with a major in film, but I also have a big interest in drawing and video gaming. The most memorable event from IS is the current quarantine with my advisor Mrs. Kragrud. This has been an in-credibly unique way of independently completing my course work. - Troy Stevens

I have been a part of the Cedar Park Christian Schools’ Independent Study Program since eighth grade, with my advisor, Mrs. Dallas. During this time, I have been very involved with Cedar Park Church’s kids’ program, dramas, youth group, and Bible quiz. I have also earned concurrent credits towards my college education. Because of IS, I have been able to participate in CPC sports, playing soccer and basketball at the school. I am excited for this new season of my life to begin, as I leave CPC IS behind to pursue a nursing degree at Northwest University in the Fall. - Cecily Houser

IS Spring Sports 2020

Basketball: Matthew Attalah, Abby Perrigoue, Morgan Perrigoue

Baseball: Chaz Kantola, Isaiah Halim

Horsemanship: Lizzy Magill

Scuba: Nicole Keller

Ice Skating: Jewell Chan

Softball: Lauren McNamara

IS 2018-19 Graduates & Advisors

Posted on August 02, 2019

IS 2019 Graduates

Megan McGregor - My two years in the Independent Study Program at Cedar Park Christian School have been a huge blessing. Due to the extensive time I spend working and showing Morgan horses, I needed a program that allowed me to attend school but, have a more flexible schedule allowing for horse shows, clinics, and work. IS not only met these needs, but went above and beyond what I expected, using my work with horses as part of my education, as well as allowing my schedule to have time for it. My advisor in the program was amazing and supportive, helping with subjects and being understanding when circumstances made things harder to accomplish. Upon graduation, I intend to attend the PIMA Medical Institute to become a veterinary assistant in equine surgery. I have always been around animals and have even helped a few horses in colic, so the idea of having the knowledge and ability to help horses in this position every day really appealed to me. IS has helped me with this preparation, as my advisor supported me and helped ready me for my entrance exam and the questions I should ask when taking tours of the medical facilities.

David GuichardI have really enjoyed the past seven years as an Independent Study student. My mom and Mrs. Nau (my IS advisor) helped me get a great education due to the high quality of work needed to graduate from the IS program.  Each year I realized that I was able to do a greater amount of work, due to the discipline it takes to keep up with the work load.  The variety of courses and electives that are included in the program helped me get a well-rounded education that will benefit me in the future. I plan on working part-time and attending Edmonds Community College, working towards my associate degree.  Then I will be able to transfer to a four-year university and earn a bachelor’s degree. At this time, I do not have a specific program or area of study that I am pursuing, so I will start off by taking the required general studies courses to graduate.  I know that whatever lies ahead of me, I will deal with it using the Christian values I have learned and practiced while in the Cedar Park Christian IS Program.

Noah Hoffman - The past two years I have spent in Independent Study have been an extreme blessing. I have been able to learn so much from core subjects as well as from electives such as finance, Chinese and guitar. I have had a number of different Bible courses both in doctrine and character studies. I was able to learn in the way my brain works. Being in Independent Study has helped me find some of my strengths and weaknesses and the program has helped me to draw closer to God. My plans after graduation are to take a break year and work to build up my finances. After that, I plan to go to college. Some of my future goals are to own and run a business, travel to Europe and visit places that were significant in World War II. I love political science and would like to run for office in the federal government some day.  My main passion is to follow whatever God has for me, because I know His plans are the best.         

Olivia Magill - The Independent Study program has been a great experience for me! Dr. Mac has been my very favorite teacher. While being in IS for the past three and a half years, I was able to learn things that were important, but also things I was genuinely interested in and that would help me in my life ahead. Having a say in what books I would study was encouraging and I was able to count skateboarding as my physical education credit, which was great. It has been wonderful to have a flexible balance of my schoolwork and working at my part-time job. I have felt very comfortable asking any questions or concerns I had about anything. I would strongly recommend the Independent Study Program if you're looking for an appropriately challenging, but flexible approach to your high school education. After high school, I would like to work in the extreme sports world as a career manager for athletes. I am very passionate about the unique worlds of skateboarding, snowboarding, and drift car racing. I am planning to take a gap year between high school and college to work at the action sports company, before I start online courses in business management. I have become well accustomed to the discipline of Independent Study Program and feel very comfortable with doing an on-line program, thanks to my experience in IS.   

Epic Csigi - I joined the Independent Study Program through Cedar Park Christian in my junior year. I have been blessed to work with Mrs. Kragerud for English and CWI.  IS has given me a great opportunity to improve my reading and writing skills, and to prepare for entrance into college.  I liked being able to work independently and focus on those subjects that were more difficult. I was able to play Cedar Park football and baseball, and I really hope to participate in a walk on position for football somewhere in Oregon or Washington, after graduation. I am still considering different options.  My career dream is to earn a degree and have a career in the culinary arts someday, because I love to cook.             

Brendan Boyle - I have enjoyed Independent Study because it has given me the ability to work on a schedule that suits me, as well as having a set lesson plan for the week. I find this to be more clear compared to the many classes I have taken in the past in a traditional setting. IS has benefitted me because with the flexible schedule, I’m allowed to work in my sweatpants, putting less stress on my mornings. Mrs. Dressler was extremely welcoming to me, when joining the program just this year. She understood my situation and put in a lot of work to be able to give me a plan to graduate. My parents also went all out for me, sacrificing countless hours in prayer, school work and giving me the plan to graduate. I used to take school, teachers, friends and family for granted. Now I am nothing but grateful, and thankful for how much time and effort was put into me just to be able to graduate from high school. Post high school my plan is to go wherever God wants me. I am traveling to the Philippines for a mission’s trip this summer, as well as doing some camping with friends, start working in the church, and starting a youth outreach called “Make the Voice”. I may decide to go to a Bible school in Germany, or Oregon, or go for a bachelor’s degree at Eastern Washington University.       

Ben Manning - Having the opportunity to be in Cedar Park Christian School’s Independent Study program has been an outstanding blessing in my life. Independent Study has enabled me to study in a more flexible and effective manner, that is better fitting to my learning style. Rather than being confined to a classroom or a sequence of classes, I was able to make progress in my studies at a pace that best suits me. When I was exceling in a particular subject, I was able to continue on with the material at a faster pace. When I was struggling with a certain subject or concept, I could focus more of my work-time and studies on learning to master what I may consider to be more arduous. Independent Study has helped me to further develop as an independent worker and thinker. Though I have had struggles over the past couple of years, I know that I can have hope in God’s future for me. The academic success that I have had in Independent Study shows that God had and always has a plan for my life. I view my future with hope, and I am praying for guidance as to where God wants me to go next. I have grown in my faith and have gained mental strength over the past few years. I will be attending Biola University in the Fall. I am hoping to pursue a business major. Beyond college, I hope to be working in a career that allows me to help people. Whether it be through church, cross-country, or Revelation Choir, I have seen Christ working in me. I am thankful for the opportunity I have had to work with my advisor, Laurie Nau who has been an excellent leader and support for me, and I am thankful for the role that she has played in my life.               


Brant Nicholson - I disliked with a passion going to school, but valued the learning gained from it. So, when my Dad told me about the Independent Study Program, I responded faster than a heartbeat and said “Yes”. I then transitioned out of the  public school environment and into what I believed to be a more productive one. These past three years have further enhanced my learning experience.  I quickly learned the value of IS, in having the ability to ask questions of my advisor/teacher whenever needed. She made the curriculum more engaging, as well as keeping my Christian beliefs reinforced. I enjoyed being able to focus completely on one subject at times and then moving on to the next one. When I graduate, I plan to go to college, following my passion for achieving and my interest in computers. I plan to continue to focus on my goals every day, until I become the best version of me.           

2018-19 Advisors

The CP IS staff love serving our IS students and parents and are pictured from top to bottom, left to right with years of service. Advisors: Kathryn Dallas (22), Kisa Kragrud (1), Laurie Nau (19), Carrie Kroeker (10), Sheron Mohan (7), Cathy Dressler (3), Melanie Jackson (1), Megan Fieser-Administrative Assistant (1), and Kay McIntosh-Administrator (24).





2018-19 IS Student Special Recognition

Posted on July 17, 2019

These IS students received special recognition during this 2018-19 school year. From top to bottom/left to right: 

  1. Mercy McGregor competed at the Equestrian National Competition in Oklahoma and won junior reserve world champion in Morgan dressage and qualified for the World Hunt Championship.
  2. Alex Edwards finished 2nd in State 3A in the 200 IM and 500 Free.
  3. Zach Blosser received the character award in his CPC US History class.
  4. Jesse Hoffman was invited to join the FRC (varsity) robotics team just prior to the world championships.
  5. Lauren McNamara was honored with the Coach’s award in CPC varsity volleyball.
  6. Josiah Done and Landon Wise were given the Merit award for carrying another scout down the mountain in a rescue situation. 

Congratulations to all!

IS Students Participate in Spring Sports 2018

Posted on June 25, 2018

Our Independent Study students have been active in Spring sports this 2017-18 school year. From top row left to right, then bottom row left to right:

  1. Matthew Attalah (basketball)
  2. Kyle Sledge (rowing)
  3. Skye Bonner (track)
  4. Abby Perrigoue (basketball)
  5. Max (track)
  6. Lauren McNamara (baseball)
  7. Austin (soccer)

2018 IS Graduates

Posted on June 07, 2018

Here are a few of our Independent Study 2018 graduates and their stories of how they have benefited from the IS program. Read the Spring 2018 newsletter for more of our graduates stories!

Independent Study has blessed me, Katelyn Harper, in more ways than I can possibly imagine. IS has allowed me to have all the blessings of homeschooling, but has also given me the drive and determination to succeed. Independent Study has also given me the freedom to steadfastly pursue my dream of being a collegiate athlete in swimming. With 20+ hours a week of training in the pool, Independent Study has allowed me to focus on my sport and be able to serve in various areas of my church. I have been blessed to be on the leadership team of my youth group throughout my high school years and I have participated in several mission trips to the Yakama Indian Reservation. Beginning this Fall semester, I will be competing for the Biola University swim and dive team. I will be studying nursing. I know I would not have been able to achieve these goals without the unwavering support of my parents as well as my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. “And we know that for those who love God all things word together for good, for those who are called according to His purpose.” – Romans 8:28

Hi, my name is Josie Marie Torrence, a 12th grade senior in the IS program at Cedar Park Christian School. I knew about CPC because I had gone to the Bellevue campus prior to entering intot IS. It has been a joy to work with Dr. McIntosh for the past five years, especially getting help on my research. I like that we can go at our own pace, yet still be on track for graduation. I also like that I got to choose two classes on campus Art and Choir, which allowed me to meet new people. This Fall I will be starting at Everett Community College in the two-year nursing program and the 30 hour childcare certificate. Then, I plan on transferring to UW Bothell for my BSN, while still working at CPC in the extended care-program and daycare.

Hello, my name is Kyle Sledge. I began Independent Study at Cedar Park two years ago when I moved to Washington. Independent Study has given me the chance to enjoy the flexibility of IS and the ability to steer my education in the direction I choose. I decided to join Cedar Park Christian Independent Study because I wanted an academic challenge, the opportunity to advance my studies, and the flexibility to dedicate time to a new sport; rowing with the club in Everett. Crew is practically a year-round sport, with practices running for three hours a day from Monday through Saturday and with regattas held nearly every weekend in the Fall and Spring, so attending a tradition school was not an option. Participating in Cedar Park Independent Study allowed me to finish most of my schoolwork before going to rowing practice in the afternoons. I have even had the time to pursue other interests like playing the guitar. Independent Study lets me balance my academic interests and my love for rowing. I would recommend the IS program for people who want to be academically challenged and still have the freedom to participate in rigorous outside activities. Next year, I will attend the University of Washington, School of Engineering and study Bioengineering and Pre-Medicine. My goal, Lord willing, is to become a surgeon.

Samantha Edwards' Journey to West Point

Posted on February 28, 2018

Samantha Edwards and Her Journey to West Point Samantha Edwards has always been very determined. The reason for this may surprise people, but she attributes it to her homeschooling. Sammie has been home-schooled for all of her schooling, with the last four years through the Independent Study Program at Cedar Park Christian School. According to Sammie, homeschooling forced her to push herself out of her comfort zone and to participate in various activities; swimming, community service and academics being the main focus.

Homeschooling not only helped Sammie grasp concepts quickly, but also taught her how to be a self-disciplined and an independent learner. Sammie said, “I knew that I wanted to push myself harder, so I started doing Independent Study, with my advisor, through Cedar Park Christian as a freshman.

As a competitive swimmer for many years, both in a year-around club program and on a high school team, Sammie has been blessed with success. Sammie was a three-time All-Conference selection in the KINGCO athletic league and achieved recognition this year as a Scholastic All American and as an invitee to the U.S. Winter Junior Nationals. This coming Fall, Sammie will continue her swimming at the United States Military Academy at West Point, where she has recently received an appointment.

For Sammie, however, swimming has been much more than just competing to win races. She said, “swimming teaches you about yourself and helps you to push past each plateau and those times of self-doubt.” Sammie has learned to heed the advice from family, more experienced swimming peers and coaches. Sammie remarked, “they taught me that you must have perseverance; which to me is steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.” For Sammie, that is the essence of swimming; persevering and enduring through countless hours of practice and pain each day.

Sammie’s family has been influential. Sammie describes some of their advice as follows: “my family has always told me, ‘it’s not how many times you get knocked down’… and before they could finish, my 10-year-old self would role my eyes and finish the sentence with ‘I know, it’s how many times you get back up.’” Sammie continues, “it was only after years of successes and failures in athletic competition, that I took this childhood quotation to heart and fully grasped its meaning.” For Sammie, this saying is a reminder to keep trying, and it symbolizes hope and purpose and helps her keep her eye on her goals.

Sammie has been asked why she has chosen to attend West Point. Sammie gives a simple reply: “I consider myself a patriot. I am very proud and very blessed to call this great country my home. I want to give back to my country and to protect everything for which this nation stands. Our country is a symbol of freedom for the whole world and a beacon of hope for the oppressed. Our freedom must never be taken for granted and each generation of citizens must find within its ranks, those who are willing to sacrifice to preserve that freedom. I want to do my part, and I believe I can do this by serving in the military and being a leader of fellow patriots.”

Lastly, Sammie remarked: “I will always be deeply grateful to CPCS and the Independent Study program”. “IS has given me the opportunity to work and excel at my own pace, to gain knowledge, to mature emotionally and socially and to grow in my faith in Christ. Each of these areas has helped me to move forward toward my journey to West Point.”