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Transforming Hearts & Minds

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Transforming Hearts & Minds

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Transforming Hearts & Minds

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Welcome to CPCS Independent Study

Here at Cedar Park Christian Schools' Independent Study Homeschool Support Program, we serve homeschool students from grades K-12, and we have graduated several students each year. These students go on to achieve a great deal whether in the world of work or in a university setting.

Our Independent Study students receive teaching and/or advising from caring, certified, Christian teachers who work with each according to their specific needs. We currently have fifty-five students in the IS program. An individualized curriculum is tailored to meet the needs and interests of each student. For example, if a student is interested in becoming a pilot, we can construct a course in aviation science and meteorology designed just for that student. If a student is interested in the FBI, we can develop a course in criminal justice.

Some students participate in up to two classes on our CP campuses. Students may also participate in the campus athletics and extracurricular club programs. Occasionally our students meet in small groups to study subjects such as French and Spanish.

Our IS students complete a program which satisfies the state graduation requirements and often times extends beyond those expectations. Upon graduation Independent Study students earn an accredited diploma and transcript which is accepted by all universities. We welcome you to contact us to discuss Independent Study as an option for your child.

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